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Bottle Of Ink

Bottle Of Ink


The remarkable octopus possesses exceptional abilities in escaping, camouflaging, and navigating confined spaces. Notably, it employs a unique defence mechanism by releasing ink when confronted with threats. This ink is discharged from specialized sacs situated between the gills and is effectively dispersed through a concurrent jet of water expelled from the siphon. The dark colouration of the ink is attributed to its primary component, melanin. It's worth noting that different cephalopod species produce inks of varying colours; typically, octopuses emit black ink, squid release blue-black ink, and cuttlefish expel a brownish ink.

Taking several elements of their behaviour, including their ability to squeeze into confined spaces and their propulsion of ink, Ink Bottle was born.

Meticulously detailed using a single colour pen, on a beautiful 300gsm heavyweight watercolour paper. 10x8 inch. Original.

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