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Throughout his education, Dominic excelled at anything creative, whether that was technical drawing or art class, he was up there with the best. Utilising after school hours to draw and paint, his love of animal art was born. Finding a fascination in all things fur and feather, he developed his unique style.

As an adult, leaving behind education and stepping into the real world of work and financial commitment, his art work got  shelved for a while, with it becoming more of a hobby and no thoughts about it becoming a full time profession and a way to make a living. Fortunately with a few wise career choices and moves, Dominic managed to work in some creative industries, such as floristry and visual merchandising.


Over the last decade, more of a focus was given to his passions, working with textiles, photography and once again drawing. Beginning to sell his artwork, he found there was a demand, and he was receiving more and more commissions and requests. Although great, working full time and then spending every free hour on his creative interests was becoming too much. So, the decision was made to become a full time artist - a scary thought at the time, but, he’s never looked back. 


Today , Dominic works predominantly with two mediums, Polychromos coloured pencil and more lately the addition of digital mediums, in the form of a digital tablet and stylus. The latter opening a whole host of creative possibilities. What hasn’t changed though is the driving influence behind his work, animals! Still fascinated with all creatures great and small, whether realistic or stylised, he enjoys seeing them develop on the paper in front of him. With his work sold globally and having thousands of followers across social media platforms, Dominic’s work is in demand. He finds this humbling, and enjoys working on ideas for commissions and new art pieces, he also strives to offer the best in customer service and listening to a clients need -  this is important - art is such a personal thing! 

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