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Thinking of having a tattoo using Dominic Phillips's Art?

I am asked almost daily for permission to use my artwork for tattoos. To help protect the thousands of hours invested in my work, and my income, I have compiled a useful do's and don'ts list. 

The biggest issue you need to contend with in using an artist’s work is copyright law. Artists who create their own work, even if they publish it online, own the rights to those images, so you would  be violating copyright law in taking that design to use for your tattoo.

You might also have trouble finding a reputable tattoo artist to agree to copy someone’s art work onto your body. They will usually want to see permission that you have the go ahead to use that particular design.

In order to comply with Copyright law and enable my art to be used for your tattoo, the following options are available:

Commission a design from DPA, designs start at £89, this means you get to own a unique piece of art and permission to have it tattooed on your body.

Purchase the artwork you are considering, again, written permission can be given to allow it to be used as a tattoo.

The final option, is to buy a license to use the art as a tattoo, this costs £25, a watermarked copy of the artwork will be emailed to you, along with a written permission to show the tattoo artist. The watermark is just visible, this protects the art from further reproduction, but will allow the tattooist

 to see the detail needed. 

Remember - Please don't just take my artwork, this is theft and violates copyright law.

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