Dominic Phillips Art ships globally, the shipping charge is automatically worked out for your country of residence. Items are shipped within two working days - unless otherwise stated (see individual listings).

All artwork is sent packaged securely between two boards, cellophane wrapped and come with handling instructions, before being placed into a board backed envelope. 


Payment is made using PayPal - a secure payment platform. Don't have a Paypal account? - No problem! Just drop a message and we can offer other options.

Want to use one of Dominic's pieces for a tatoo? This license allows that to happen. Without it, you are breaking copyright law, and you may find that most reputable tattooeists will not go ahead without permission. This license, will be emailed to you within 24 hours of ordering, will include a photo* of the artwork along with a written, signed permission** to use the artwork in question. Use the drop down forms for details.


*artwork will have a feint watermark, to protect it from reproduction. The watermark will not mask detail, or hinder a tattoo artist from reproducing the work. 


**permission granted is for personal use, for tatoo work only and cannot be used for reproduction by any other means. You are not allowed to pass this on or sell it. 

Tattoo License